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Victoire Olaffson

Name Victoire Olaffson [Lieutenant, United States Navy]

Position Medic

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 28
Birthday March 27, 1982

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 9”
Weight 157 lbs
Hair Color Carmine
Eye Color Sea Green
Physical Description Well Toned muscles add to a beautifully graced body with ample assets on the still young military medic; she comes from a hard Norse background on her fathers side giving her angular, chiseled features that would fit in nearly anywhere though her mother was Scottish giving her deep flame-red hair that framed her face elegantly and stood in stark contrast to eyes that pierced your very soul.


Father Viktor Olaffson (Deceased)
Mother Abigaile Andersen (Deceased)
Brother(s) Ragnar Olaffson (Unknown)
Other Family Jasper (Belgian Malinois) - Alive; brought with from Norway.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Victoire Olaffson has always been a kind soul and signed up for the military in order to protect individuals; she is a dual citizen of Norway and the US and brings many of qualities one might expect of a Norwegian to every situation. She is dedicated and hard working if sometimes distant or seeming to keep others at arms length; she does this more to protect them than for herself however, especially after being at war.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Leadership Skills
Resolute in the face of Danger or Difficult Situations
Excellent Survivalist

Not fond of Large Groups
Likes to operate on the Fringe
Struggles to deal with or relate to Kids
Back Pack Contents Change of Clothes w/ Combat Boots
Toiletry Kit (Good Razor w/ 3 spare heads, Toothpaste, Soft Bristle Toothbrush, Half Bottle Ibuprofen, Feminine Cup)
Military Medical Kit (Full Stock, counts as 2 items;
Flint & Steel
Large Package of Batteries 3/4 full (about 16 batteries)
Military Laptop w/ Jury-Rigged Solar Charger
Weapon - Combat Knife
- Machete
- Wilson Combat Sig P320 9MM
+ MAGAZINE (2) with 17rd capacity
+ BARREL DLC Finish on Slide and Barrel
+ TRIGGER SIG P320 X-Full Size Steel Straight trigger
+ SIGHTS Battlesight with Red Fiber Optic Front Sight
+ SLIDE X-TAC P320 Slide with Machine Bevels-
Hobbies & Interests Woodcarving
Reading & Writing

Personal History - She enlisted in the US Navy at the age of 17 as a means to get citizenship in the US and improve her families lives and enable them to travel freely between the US and Norway freely throughout the next ten years she became a highly decorated Navy SEAL and was planning on a long military career until the global pandemic was declared and her family was taken by it.

- After graduating Basic Training, Corpsman Training, and SEAL Training she took what free time she had when at home and volunteered at larger hospitals in whatever areas she happened to be stationed; often ending up helping in their Emergency and Research Departments due to the combination of her combat reflexes, ability to make quick calls and adapt and triage skills and her unique clearances that gave her access to CDC information (the same information was sometimes necessary for the safety of her Unit on Mission)

- She made it a point to purchase excess survival gear and stash it in case of Nuclear Apocalypse (or other scenarios); though admittedly zombies was not the thing that she expected. She had built and fully stocked a bunker under both homes that her parents kept (the one in Millinocket and in Norway) though with as often as she herself moved she tended to stay on base and had easy access to base facilities.
Service Record Navy MOS List:
Hospital Corpsman - HM
Navy SC - Medical Corps - 2100
Navy URL - Special Warfare - 1130

Service History:
- Enlisted at 17
- Basic Training as an E-3 (Seaman) from ROTC Program, Advanced ASVAB Scores, and Taking Advanced Studies in the Medical Field while in High School before Enlisting.
- Finished Basic Training in top 5% of her Battalion; She ranked Expert in Marksmanship, nearly doubling the required PT requirements
- Was tagged for the SEAL Program out of Basic Training
- Finished Corpsman Training in top 10% of her class
- April 5, 2001: Finished SEAL Training just after her 19th birthday and was assigned to Naval Station ROTA as a Hospital Corpsman awaiting SEAL Team Assignment; worked there for 15 months before an opening presented itself; Awarded Ensign, O-1; for completion of SEAL training.
- June 23, 2002; Joined SEAL Team 9 as Team Medic
- Deployed to Chechnya for 12 months to aid in the Second Chechen War (
- Her and Team stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii. "Home" for 6 month stint (no major deployments but were assigned to Task Force to aid the DEA with drug trafficking through Honolulu Harbour)
- Team Deployed to Afghanistan as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, First Deployment 6 Months
- Back Home to Honolulu, 3 Months then back to Afghanistan for 12.
- October 28, 2005; Awarded Navy Cross for Heroism in the Face of Danger to rescue her Team Commander and pull him from the line of fire in order to ensure he got back home and did not die in the line of duty while risking her own life in the process. Award
- SEAL Team 9 put on Home Orders for 6 months while Commander recovered from Combat injuries. In this time they underwent additional training and were preparing for another stint in Afghanistan where they would be going after HVT's.

Victoire was awarded the Navy Good Conduct Medal during this time for her first 3 years served.
- April 2006; SEAL Team 9 returned to Afghanistan, on special mission to hunt HVT's in an effort to behead Al Qaeda. In the process of this mission the Team was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for a conflict in which they came to the rescue of three other units that had been caught in an ambush and pinned down with disabled vehicles and heavy casualties. They had managed to rescue all three units an extract all members.
- 2006-2008 Team was operational in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia
- December 10, 2008: Stationed in Rammstein, Germany, Victoire Awarded Lieutenant Junior Grade, O-2
- Deployed to Sudan to help quell Ethnic Violence there, deployed for 12 months
- Deployed to aid in the Boko Haram Insurgency, 8 Months
- Injured, sent home to Norway to heal. Recovery took 1.5 years. Awarded the Purple Heart and Lieutenant, O-3
- July 15, 2010; Parents killed in "wild animal" attack while shopping in town; she left to go to uphold family tradition of going to the Trail's End Festival while awaiting contact from her Unit Commander.