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Calista Sutton

Name Calista Joan Sutton

Position Camp Mom

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 27
Birthday December 18, 1982

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 140
Hair Color Strawberry Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Calista was lithe before everything went to hell. Her skin is mostly blemish free. There are a couple of scars scattered throughout her body from her childhood as she grew up spending her time outside. Her blue eyes don’t reveal much about anything until she gets animated about something she is passionate about; then her face lights up and she starts to talk with her hands.


Spouse Killian Sutton
Father Mike Tilburn (62) Unknown
Mother Lenora Tilburn (57) Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quiet and observational is the best way to describe Calista. She was pretty quiet through Engineering school, and kept a few close friends by her side. The best way for her to learn is to watch, teach and do. She made a study group with her friends to survive the insanity of Engineering. She’s one to care about things that no one else really cares about, and gets excited about things that she is passionate about. Sometimes her personality seems quite intense due to this passion. This is why she’s generally quiet around people until she gets to know them. Her interests were varied growing up; her parents always made time for her to explore whatever her flitting ideas were.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Lots of Interests
- Personable and friendly, once you get to know her
- Compassionate

- Ruminates
- Seems standoffish to others who don’t know her
- Distractible
Back Pack Contents - Water bottle with filter
- Change of clothes and shoes
- Raincoat
- Toiletries bag (Deodorant, nail clippers, brush, soap, cup)
- Sleeping bag
- Swiss Army Knife
- Snacks
- Bear Bag w/Rope
Weapon Looted hatchet
Hobbies & Interests Music: While she likes music and to sing, she doesn’t like doing it in front of a crowd. She learned the violin, but didn’t like it and stopped playing after a year.
Art: Sketching and watercolor when the mood hits her. She took an art class in college to learn how to draw with charcoal. She loves to read and research how to do things.
Crafting: Her mother liked to make quilts and crochet blankets, so she spent most of her summer sessions in elementary school in sewing and crochet classes. While she retains the skill, she only keeps up on it to make baby blankets for the burgeoning babies in her friends group.
Activities: she liked to bike to get away when she was in high school that morphed into hiking when she was in college. These went to the wayside when she met her husband. They started a hobby garden in their backyard.
Electronics: As an only child, her parents doted on her with a nintendo and sega and they were the ‘It’ place of the neighborhood. She grew up learning how to play computers and enjoyed video games.

Personal History Calista grew up in Rochester, Minnesota as an only child. Her accent doesn’t come out often as she was from Southern Minnesota where that classic accent is less noticeable as compared to the northern part of the state. Her parents both spent time with her while also leaving her to her own devices to learn and grow her own interests. They had a decent size house with a quarter acre lot. Her mother loved to garden so there were many days spent after school harvesting their garden. Tomatoes are the bane of her existence because of that. As a kid, she enjoyed softball, soccer and ballet. She tried out gymnastics for a couple of months but fell, injuring her elbow that can still bug her from time to time. Pottery was fun when she was in elementary school, but she quickly fell disinterested in it. Instead, she started sketching and painting and fell in love with that. In the cliques of high school, she was in the group of nerds as she loved math. She was a co-editor for the high school yearbook and newspaper when she wasn’t swimming for the high school swim team. It was a woodshop class that she took that turned her to engineering for College.

She wanted away from Minnesota and decided to go to the School of Mines in Colorado. Here she got her Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in manufacturing. This is where she fell in love with hiking around the various places of Colorado and met her friend Savannah, who went to the School of Mines who was going for an aerospace minor. They used to take hiking trips and camping trips throughout the high country between the two ranges of the Rocky Mountains.

When she graduated, she got a job offer to move out of state to La Vergne, Tennessee. Here she was a tooling and equipment design engineer, and where she met her husband. After a couple of years doing design, she became a project manager when the position opened up and they couldn’t keep the position filled. This is when she started learning the more logistical side of projects and project management dealing with schedule, budgets, streamlining build efforts, dealing with part shortages etc.

Killian worked in a different design department and they met when they worked on a joint project. When they started dating and subsequently married, there were no problems for either of them at work. Here they got a house and started a hobby garden in the backyard. Killian did the baking and Calista did the cooking. They picked up Warhammer Age of Sigmar as a hobby that they did on the weekends with friends. They hosted a board game night once every other month and twice a month they did wargaming with their friends from the plant.

When the recession started to hit, both of them were originally okay; however a year into it, Killian was laid off and became a gunsmith apprentice under someone local who was looking to retire. Calista took a pay cut but managed to keep her position. Her friend Savannah, who lived and worked in Alabama, managed to make it through a lot of layoffs during the recession time until the spring of 2010. She decided to sell her house and put everything she had in storage. She went to walk the Appalachian Trail from the south to the north. Calista and Killian went to take a vacation to meet up with Savannah when she was done with the trail by the time it came to the Trail’s end festival.
Service Record 1997-2001 - Rochester Mayo High School, Rochester Minnesota
2001-2005 - Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Minor in Manufacturing - School of Mines, Golden Colorado
2005-2008 - Design Engineer, Colbert Manufacturing, La Vergne Tennessee
2008-2010 - Project Manager, Colbert Manufacturing, La Vergne Tennessee
2010-Present - Trail Mom in the new Post Apocalyptic World