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Killian Sutton

Name Killian Patrick Sutton

Position Technician

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 29
Birthday July 17th, 1981

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 170
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Killian stands just over six feet. He has a large scar on his right forearm from high school that he doesn’t always talk about. He usually keeps his beard and hair neatly trimmed. He worked out before he became a gunsmith so he’s in pretty decent shape.


Spouse Calista Sutton
Father Mickey Sutton (59) Deceased 2008
Mother Saoirse Sutton (60)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Killian is quiet overall. He’s an introvert that doesn’t really engage with a bunch of people unless he needs to - fitting to the antisocial characteristics of an engineer. He does enjoy their small group of friends that they made in Tennessee and is fiercely protective of those that he calls his own.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Protective
- Level headed during tense situations

- Semi-Antisocial
- Overanalyzer
Back Pack Contents - Change of clothes and boots
- Raincoat looted from the hardware store
- Pocket knife
- Tent
- Camp stove
- Canteen
- Blanket
Weapon Henry US Survival AR-7
Hobbies & Interests Working out and hiking.
Started a hobby garden in the backyard with his wife.
Played Warhammer Age of Sigmar with a group of friends in College and then continued playing it when he moved to TN.
Likes to read dark fantasy and scifi. Enjoys all different types of games.
Likes the metal genre of music.

Personal History Killian was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He spent his summers in the mountains enjoying camping with his grandparents before he went to college. Even though he didn’t really leave home to go to school, he decided to branch out on his own and went to live in the dorms on campus. Here is where he picked up Warhammer and played with a small group of friends on campus. He grew up enjoying hiking during the summers in the mountains and does it infrequently with his wife.

After he graduated with his bachelor’s degree, he got a job offer to move to Tennessee. After a couple of years at the manufacturing plant, he met Calista and they instantly hit it off. It only took them six months of dating before he proposed, and they got married six months later. Their house had a small yard that they turned into a hobby garden. He got Calista interested in Warhammer and they do battles twice a month. He enjoys assembling and playing while she enjoys painting and playing.

Getting laid off from the plant allowed him to figure things out and he always wanted to learn more about firearms. He found a local gunsmith that was retiring and he became an apprentice under him learning everything that he needed to know. Calista took a pay cut but managed to keep her position. Her friend Savannah, decided to sell her house and put everything she had in storage to walk the Appalachian Trail from the south to the north.

When Savannah went off on her decision to go offgrid hiking the Applacian trail, he made sure that she was able to defend herself with a small collapsible weapon. It wouldn’t kill a bear, but it would be enough that she could get away. Calista and Killian went to take a vacation to meet up with Savannah when she was done with the trail by the time it came to the Trail’s end festival.
Service Record 1997-2001 - Rancho High School, Las Vegas Nevada
2000-2004 - Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering - University of Nevada Las Vegas
2004-2009 - Design Engineer, Colbert Manufacturing, La Vergne Tennessee
2009-2010 - Gunsmith Apprentice, La Vergne Tennessee
2010-Present - Scavenger in the Post Apocalyptic World