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The Beginning of an End

Posted on Fri May 5th, 2023 @ 8:28am by Victoire Olaffson [Lieutenant, United States Navy]

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Mom and Dad were killed... the lensmann called it a wild animal attack... but somehow with the way that they wouldn't let me see their bodies (not that it stopped me from breaking in) and the condition that I found them in there is not any animal I know of that tears flesh away from its victims skull like its trying to flay it away from the brain; let alone the strips of flesh missing from around the organ sac...

No; that was not done by an animal. I couldn't tell you what did do it but the teeth marks that I could discern were most definitely human and last I checked Norway wasn't home to cannibals. Some odd instinct told me that I needed to put my parents to final rest... it made me feel cold inside but I put my knife through their skulls.... it felt like it was the right thing to do. I'm not sure why.

They left behind Jasper... I guess he is my dog now. I am going to pay a visit to Haukeland and then I think Jasper and I are going to travel to Maine... Mom and Dad were already packed for the Festival and I think they would want me to carry on the family tradition; hopefully nothing weird happens but something in my gut tells me that I need to keep my eyes open....

Hopefully Chief gets back to me soon, I'm aching to get back to work... I'll figure out what to do with Jasper, hell maybe Chief will let me bring him on mission. He is an old military dog. I'm sure he remembers what to do!


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