The Golden Rules

1. Surprise everyone else but not the GM. Whatever your idea for a subplot or a new wrinkle in the main plot, please take the time to run it by the GM first. More often than not, the GM will find a way to work it in though, depending upon what's already in the works, your idea may have to wait for other actions to occur first.

2. Actions have consequences. If you are doing something irresponsible, guaranteed someone will notice. If this is something you want to pursue as a personal storyline, please contact the GM first (see Golden Rule #1). Always, always, happy to discuss avenues of growth and/or change for a character.

3. You are not permitted to cause harm to the character(s) written by another player without having first received the permission of the player involved. Writing such an event also requires input from the GM.

4. The decisions of the GM are final.

General Rules

1. We expect all players to be respectful of each other no matter their differences. Any kind of discrimination and/or harrassment will not be tolerated and will be considered grounds for immediate expulsion from the game. If you are having a problem with someone, please, please talk to the GM about it immediately. If the harrassment is done in DMs, please make screen grabs for GM review.

2. Sim Rating. No Way Home is rated +18 (2-2-2). That means that posts which serve character growth or further the plot may contain offensive language (cursing), descriptions of violence, and references to sexual activity. Please be considerate when writing such content; if a post contains triggering material, please discuss your idea with the GM before posting.

3. An act of sex can be mentioned, initiated, or concluded but not described.

4. Scenes depicting sexual contact with or between children or violence toward children are strictly prohibited and may result in your expulsion from the sim.

5. Scenes of violence can be depicted but should be done with taste. Please do not include excessive or gory details.

6. Leave of Absence. Real life comes first. That's a given. If you find that you need to take a break, please contact the GM, preferably via Discord, to give us an idea of how long you need to be away.

7. Player Activity. If you disappear from the sim and are unreachable, without having taken a Leave of Absence, you may be removed from the sim. Its an easy fix. Just stay in touch. You'll find the GM is flexible and willing to work around the situation ... just communicate.


1. Discord is considered the preferred form of OOC communication for the sim -- important information regarding weather, current events, plots summaries and more are provided through Discord. The application is a free chat client that can be downloaded for desktop, mobile, or web browser. Discord is available for download at Discord or from your mobile app store.

2. Use of the site's Discord server as a forum for your personal grievances is not permitted. General chat is not the place for complaints or announcing that you're quitting. That sort of thing should be handled through private DMs only. So, if something is bothering you that cannot be resolved by talking it out with the other individual involved or if you believe you are being harrassed in some manner, please contact the GM so that we can help you get things resolved.


1. You start with one primary character. If you show a willingness to get involved and you regularly meet the posting requirements, you can ask for a second primary character. The creation of additional primary characters is subject to the approval of the GM following a discussion about your idea for the character and their purpose.

2. Your character cannot have a relationship (familial, friend, protégé, etc.) with any canon character (books, movies, TV shows, game, etc.).

3. Do not write for the characters and personal NPCs of other players. If you want to interact with someone, start a joint post. They're fun to write.

4. Decisions on canon rest with the GM with input from the entire group.

Posting Requirements

1. Players are encouraged to be active on the site. A solo post should be 500 words minimum but participation in joint posts is also seen as activity.

3. For Joint Posts, you are asked to respond to tags within 48 hours. For joint posts that are central to plot progression, prompt response becomes more of an issue. If you cannot post, please contact the GM so that arrangements can be made (for example, writing around your character or, with your permission, referring indirectly to actions you think may have been taken).

4. The game starts on 25 August 2010 where people have gathered for the Trail's End Festival in Millinocket, Maine.

5. You are strongly encouraged to use a spellchecker and neaten up your post before submission. Most browsers have spellcheckers built in so its just a matter of looking for the red squiggle and making corrections. The GM reserves the right to correct typos (not rewriting content -- just the spelling mistakes).