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Report for February 2024

Posted on Mon Mar 4th, 2024 @ 8:44pm by Hale Stratton [Major, United States Army]

Hello, Survivors,

Been having a couple days of good weather here, sort of like the first promise of Spring, and its been lovely. Also, Watson, my cat, discovered Cat TV (its a YouTube channel) and he loves it. For a cat who absolutely refuses to go anywhere near the outside world, he's been mighty brave swatting at those birds.

Sim Statistics

No changes in the number of writers this month so we're still holding at eight. We are losing a couple of NPCs though -- Courtney, Jordan, Father Dominic I believe. Not sure about Bao (been quiet since the delivery) so I'll check on that. We did pick up two new NPCs and both are mine -- Emma Lynn Starsky and Whistler. Emma has a bio. Whistler's is coming. Just got to dig into the mind of a psycho a bit.

Oh right. I've added a second manifest to the site (on the Population tab, click "Departed")

For the month of February:

Number of Posts this Month: 45
Highest Poster This Month: Hale Stratton

Then in Order:
> Tied for Second Place: Alonzo Blazevic and Reuben Baptiste
> Tied for Third Place: Rene Rouen, Vienna Quinn, and Victoire Olaffson
> Calista Sutton and Killian Sutton


Survivor of the Month: Calista and Killian Sutton. Since joining the sim, the two of them have been writing a married couple (as they are in real life) who are struggling to survive. While most of the writers, myself included, opted to have skills that made them able more than capable of surviving what's to come myself included, these two are just normal people. They are approaching the point, nearly a year into the sim, where they will join the group and I enjoy reading the snippets of their life. Hiding out. Being afraid. Hungry. Lost. In fact, they've actually inspired me to write an ordinary character myself! Good job both of you.

Current Episode:

Once Hale, Vic, and Reuben return from looking for Mrs. Quinn (the prognosis does not look good) and have dinner, we'll move onto our departure from Bangor. By the night of the 5th, we'll need to be outside of Bangor. I've added a tiny map to #references-and-resources -- the "X" marks the location. Its a suburban home that I transplanted from a Zillow ad. That's also in #references-and-resources. We'll (finally) meet up with Callista and Killian and watch Bangor burn somewhere around dawn.

And that brings us to the point where everyone finally has to say what they intend to do, as individual characters, going forward. The idea is to establish ourselves as a group with Hale assuming the role of official leader. We'll get organized, move away from Bangor and start figuring out what we're going to do next.

The Future

I've had one suggestion for a place where we can winter and I'll open a channel, #where-can-we-winter, for everyone to post suggestions. Things to think about:

> Where do you want to go? It doesn't have to be in Maine.
> And do you even want to settle in for the winter? Would you rather keep moving. Sleeping where we can?

I would suggest that we keep away from ready-made, easily defensible structures like prisons, survivalist compounds, and full-on military bases. To me, its a bit of a silver bullet but I'm also operating under the theory that we're not the only ones looking and the bigger places would be first up for grabs.

Now, if you want, I'll work all of this out and let you know -- but this is your sim as much as it is mine. Bring me your ideas and I'll put something together.

See you in the world,
Tory (aka Hale Stratton)


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Category: Monthly Report to the Survivors

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