Report for March 2024

Posted on Sun Apr 7th, 2024 @ 3:05am by Hale Stratton [Major, United States Army]

Congratulations, Survivors!

We started our first episode, Bangor or Bust, Saturday, 15 April 2023. Tomorrow, nearly a year later, we will finally finish it. For those who like stats, we have, as a group, written 332 posts for this episode, 34 of them in the past month. And now, nearly a year later, its time to move on. There will be a short post tomorrow explaining what happens to the safe zone and after that, Bangor or Bust will be closed for posting and we'll be moving into the new episode (I'm thinking about "Winter is Coming" as a title).

As you've seen, I'm starting to use a narrator (descriptions in italics) to describe things that are happening in the world around you. As we go forward, I'll be making more use of that as well as writing for a host of people you might run into -- both good and bad.

This next episode will describe the ramp-up to winter and how all of these individuals start to come together and work as a group. Things to look forward to:

> More visits from Whistler who has taken an interest in the group
> A visit to a lesser-known weapons' store
> A visit to Vienna's family cabin (though that could be problematic but we'll see when we get there, eh?)
> Possible hike along the river to find Reuben's friend (Reuben, we should talk about that)
> The reality of a world without police or an effective military

These will be difficult months in a world that is just starting to accept the notion that things are never going to go back to the way they were. Expect problems, both with the sorta-dead and with the living, and hardships but the end goal is to gather resources, figure out what to do for the winter, and prepare for what comes next.

See you in the world,

Hale Stratton



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