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Report for April 2023

Posted on Mon May 1st, 2023 @ 10:44pm by Hale Stratton [Major, United States Army]

Hello, Survivors!

On 8 April 2023, a group of us started talking about a post-apocalyptic sim set in the Walking Dead universe. In what seemed like no time at all, that conversation turned into a Discord Server where the idea was shaped and from there, a site was established in Theta Fleet. So, in this our first month as a writing group, I want to say welcome to an amazing group of writers.

While not required, I do present Theta Fleet with information about our sim once a month; more importantly, and because I think communication is a good thing, I want to present you with that information as well. The reports will generally follow the same format with changes based on what I have to say at that time.

Player Statistics
New Players: 10
Departing Players: 1
Total Currently: 10

NOTE: All players are represented on Discord except for Killian Sutton; however, his real-life spouse, Calista Sutton is on Discord so he'll be able to get information through her.

Total Posts for the Month: 40
Posts by Player (Average): 3.64

I also present awards (images are in the works). Congratulations to the winners and note that the Writer and Player of the Month will also be submitted to the fleet as well.

Dreamcatcher Award
Awarded to those individuals who participated in the early discussions for this sim and helped to shape us at our start.

Hale Stratton
Rene Rouen
Cooper Gaines
Calista Sutton

Survivor of the Month Award

Awarded to by AGM, Starduster, for his brilliant subplot following a murder in Bangor and his search for their teenage son who fled the scene.

Alonzo Blazevic

Player of the Month Award

Awarded to these individuals for their contributions to the sim over the past month that went well beyond just submitting a couple of posts.

Rene Rouen
Alonzo Blazevic
Calista Sutton

High Speed Survivor Award

Awarded to the individual who contributed the most number of posts for the month of April 2023 excluding the GM (Hale Stratton) and the AGM (Alonzo Blazevic).

Rene Rouen


I'm not going to use the WIKI on the site (we all know how notoriously bad it is) but instead will use a combination of Discord articles and a GDOC (link is available through Discord). I may add all of the material on Discord to the GDOC as well so that we have a backup if we need it.

Still working on adding material to the site. Nova was originally designed for a starship so I'm having to adapt sections to fit our format. This coming month I'll be looking at the Sim Page and at the Tour section. If anyone has any great ideas, please, let me know in DM.

The Current Episode

We are moving into the 26th of August now. Watch for a news broadcast where the first pictures of the reanimates are shown to the nation (post is coming). There are hotspots in the city now (see #today-in-the-apocaplyse) and you might run into an isolated reanimate if you're moving about. There will be a visible police presence on the street and Hale will be helping the police out (post is coming on that as well). Because of what he's doing, he'll be starting to figure things out.

As you know, the end game for this Episode is to get to Bangor in time for the napalm explosion early on the 9th of September. Between now and then, things will become increasingly difficult in-town. By the 27th, sightings will be more frequent and store owners will be boarding up and shutting down their stores. Groceries, sporting goods, and hiking supplies will remain open as long as they can ... to help people get ready. No one's given up on society as yet, so you still need to pay for what you want.

Final Thoughts

It's been an amazing first month and I'm thrilled to be writing the end of civilization with such a talented group. Really looking forward to what the next month will bring. Great work, everyone.

Writing for Hale Stratton


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