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Report for May 2023

Posted on Fri Jun 2nd, 2023 @ 12:08am by Hale Stratton [Major, United States Army]

Hello, Survivors!

We've made it out of the church and the group is starting to come together. This month should see us start the push to get everyone back to their families in Bangor and what everyone is hoping will be an end to the insanity. Bangor will be very action-filled since the city is well on its way to being overrun. We'll see safe zones set up, lawlessness outside of those zones, and a whole lot of undead. Not to mention the last ditch attempt by the government to contain the Wildfire Virus by dropping napalm on major city centers.

On a personal note, this will also be the time when individuals will be able to explore their personal storylines a bit. Return to your homes, look for your families, and come to the realization that the world has really changed. That things aren't going back to the way they were and that there really is, no way home.

Player Statistics
New Players: 2
Victoire Olaffson and Father Alexander Pryde

Departing Players: 1
Cooper Gaines

Total Currently: 10

Total Posts for the Month: 70
Posts by Player (Average): 6.36


There was only one nomination for the Player's Choice Award but a nomination is a nomination -- and I agree that this player has done some great characterization in their role as a French foreign-exchange student. The winner is: Rene Rouen.

Post of the Month Award

The Fall of Saint Andrews (Part 1)

Player of the Month Award

Victoire Olaffson - This writer hit the ground running, did a lot of research, and through our discussions has shaped a character that makes sense in terms of training and education -- not only their own but mine as well!

Survivor of the Month Award

Kara Sloane - For the courage to face what's coming even without the skill

High Speed Survivor Award

Alonzo Blazevic
Rene Rouen

Best Use of a Non-Weapon Weapon

Victoire Olaffson for using her Armada to run over walkers and thereby help the survivors escape!


Things are basically set up on the site. The Wiki is useless and has been replaced by information provided through Discord.

The Current Episode

In the small town of Millinocket, the undead are starting to appear with more frequency and survivors are grouping together in cobbled-together shelters but its clear, the city isn't prepared. One of those shelters, Saint Andrew's Episcopal falls when the priest holds a service for the dead and the church bells draw unwelcome attention. Forced to flee, a group of survivors takes shelter at Twin Pines, a camping resort outside of town, and makes plans to get everyone back to their families in Bangor.

Final Thoughts

We've had a great second month with the start of some wonderful characterization, both PCs and NPCs. Now, we're heading into our next big adventure, traveling down to Bangor. This is where everything changes, where we all begin to understand the new reality, and the group really forms.

Really looking forward to what you come up with!

And just who is it who knocked on the cabin door? Hmmm?

Writing for Hale Stratton


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Category: Monthly Report to the Survivors

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